A corgi smiling happily
A corgi smiling happily
01Tap the “SEE MORE” button after selecting the loan amount and duration.
02Fill in the required information to proceed with your loan application.
Please fill in the valid information, it will only be used for your credit evaluation. We will ensure the security of your information.
01Fill in the basic and professional information.
02Fill in the contact information.
03Upload the front picture of your CNIC and complete the CNIC identity verification.
Please upload your own CNIC pictures, otherwise, it will affect your loan application.
04Choose your payment method wisely. You can choose Mobile Wallet or Bank Account to receive the loan amount. But ensure that you use your own Mobile Wallet/Bank Account.
05Take a selfie for your Verification.
Ensure that you capture your own photo. To capture a clear picture, make sure there is a good light. Maintain a proper distance with the camera, or it may affect your loan application.
03The estimation of your loan will start. It will take around 20-30 seconds.
04Once the loan estimation is completed, tap the “CONFIRM” button to confirm the loan. Please confirm within 72 hours, otherwise, you will not be able to get the loan.
05Your approved loan amount, duration, and repayment date will display on the App based on your evaluation result.
06Our staff will review your loan application and may contact you. Please make sure your phone is reachable.
07When the review pass successfully, the loan will be disbursed to your Mobile wallet/Bank account. After the successful disbursement of the loan. The amount to be paid back will be displayed in the Order Information of your account.